Sardinian First Courses


Varied and full of different recipes, Sardinian traditional cuisine is an explosion of flavours and scents telling the culinary story of this beautiful island.

Italy’s second biggest island, during its history it has been crossed by many different populations and Mediterranean cultures, all contributing to the final richness of Sardinian cuisine.

It’s not a chance that Sardinian cuisine is part of Mediterranean diet, UNESCO nutritional model since 2010, and considered patrimony of humanity.

The section that we present is dedicated to typical Sardinian first dishes. You will discover recipes for all tastes and occasions. Sardinian first courses include recipes meat or fish based and dishes belonging to farmers’ tradition.

Among the most characteristics there are malloreddus. It’s a pasta shape made with durum wheat flour, also known as Sardinian gnocchetti and traditionally seasoned with saffron and melted cheese.

Very famous seafood-based recipes include spaghetti with clams and bottarga, with sea urchins and with mussels cooked in a saucepan.

Another typical pasta from Sardinia is fregola: crunchy little balls made with durum, toasted in the oven after being handmade and then cooked with fish or many other ingredients.

We have to mention culurgiones, delicious ricotta and mint dumplings; macarrones furriaos, Sardinian gnocchetti with melted pecorino cheese and durum; gallurese soup, a dish made with Sardinian bread, casizolu, spices and pecorino, all wet with broth and then baked in the oven.

You just have to try them all!

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