Aged Cheese

aged cheese

In this section we introduce Arborea aged cheeses, a triumph of flavours and taste that will help you bring all the pride of the Sardinian dairy tradition to your table.

Arborea aged cheeses are made with pasteurised cow’s milk that comes from the best Sardinian farms.

Our Gran Campidano and Provola are part of this product line. Both are produced using Sardinian milk, both are incredibly tasty.

One bite will be enough to taste the sun and sea of this beautiful island, and to enhance all your recipes with deliciousness and imagination.

Aged cheeses are made from whole milk and are the result of a long maturation process – called aging – that can last years, depending on what kind of cheese is being produced.

During this period, the cheese undergoes chemical transformations that alter the flavour and consistency of both the cheese and its rind, and give the typical intense flavour.

Cheeses can be classified according to the length of the aging process. Medium-term aging refers to a duration of between two and six months; long-term aging is up to one year.

Extra-mature cheese has an aging period exceeding 12 months, and smoked cheeses undergo a smoking treatment during aging.

Cheeses can also be classified according to how the milk is treated. If raw milk is used, the result is known as raw cheese; if it is cooked, rennet is produced and the cheese is pasteurised.

To find out the levels of calcium and lactose in Arborea aged cheese, please consult the nutritional table for each product.


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