Milk is a tasty and invaluable kitchen staple, ideal at breakfast with cereal or biscuits, but it’s also an essential ingredient for many recipes, both sweet and savoury.

It’s so important that Arborea has an entire product range dedicated to milk, to meet everyone’s needs.

Arborea’s delicious milk comes from Sardinia’s best farmers and farms. It’s as unique as the land it comes from, and obtained from regular, constant and thorough milking. It’s also the key ingredient for all Arborea cheese.

This milky masterpiece gives rise to the Milk and Cream lines, designed to bring joy to your table with the very best that nature has to offer.

Our Arborea milk range includes fresh, UHT long-life milk, whole, skimmed and semi-skimmed, and also high digestibility milk, suitable for anyone who is intolerant to or has difficulty digesting lactose. Lastly, there is “Moltodipiù” whole milk, a high temperature pasteurised milk, produced on a selection of Sardinian farms and perfect for cakes and desserts. Thanks to the pasteurisation process, the milk preserves its goodness and taste for longer, thus avoiding waste.

To discover the energy, fibre, protein, calcium and fat values for each product, consult the specific nutritional tables.


eels panada

Baked oyster mushrooms

Sardinian style aubergines


Lamb meatloaf

Cannonau Risotto