Inviting Appetizers


There is nothing better than a finger-licking starter to delight your guests before lunch or dinner, in order to whet their appetite while waiting for the main courses.

From classic tomato croutons to pot pies with vegetables and cheese, the possibilities to bring to your table are endless.

You can choose to prepare some bites to keep on the table during the whole dinner, or to set up a buffet area just for the appetizers.

Starters can be cold or warm, simple and with just a few ingredients, or very elaborate. The important thing is to serve just a small quantity, in order to whet the appetite; otherwise, it becomes a first course.

Use your fantasy and creativity to cook many different recipes, easy and quick. In this section you will find many yummy recipes to prepare in no time starters with fish, vegetables or meat.

With puff pastry, for example, you can make a savoury roll stuffed with ham and mozzarella, or another kind of cheese, rocket salad and mayonnaise; or you can prepare pastry baskets and fill them with vegetables, cold cuts or cheese.

Another tempting recipe that you can serve as an appetizer is savoury muffins, that you can prepare with all the ingredients you want. You can use seasonal vegetables, salmon, olives, cheese, tuna, zucchini, zucchini flowers and so on.