A feast table is not complete without a good number of delicious starters. It doesn’t matter if they are cold or warm, these yummy bites are always loved by everyone and are perfect for every occasion.

In our selection you will find starters for all tastes. Rich or light, vegetarian, summery and quick to prepare using cold cuts and cottage cheese, or fish-based for the important occasions, you will find any kind of starters.

Among the most typical Christmas appetizers there are for examples bread rolls stuffed with tuna or salmon spread, or puff pastry baskets with cheese and ham. There’s no lack of yummy ideas for Easter menu as well, with appetizers thought for this holiday period, full of good food, barbecues and big family lunches.

Recipes appetizing and mouth-watering, but also easy to prepare and beautiful to see. Always remember that, when it comes to starters, half of the eating is done with the eyes. For this reason, besides following the recipes, the right plating is also important. This is why in this section you will find many tips to plate your starters in funny and nice ways.

If you are serving cold cuts and cheese, there’s nothing better than a wooden chopping board: roll up the cold cuts and place them on the board radially or in the shape of a spiral. Big white bowls are perfect for rich rice salads, colourful and summery; while ceramic trays can be used for delicious and fresh seafood starters.

Are you ready to start cooking all the appetizers you want?