Arborea yogurt is sweet and creamy, ideal with cereal at breakfast or with biscuits as a quick and delicious snack. Every spoon contains all the purity of Sardinia and the unique taste of the best Sardinian milk.

With the Arborea yogurt range, finding your favourite flavour is easy, and gives you a moment of relaxation, freshness and happiness to help you start every day with the right energy.

The origins of yogurt are ancient and uncertain. It was probably first produced accidentally during the Neolithic age as a result of the natural transformation of milk proteins. In fact, leaving milk in contact with certain milk enzymes produces a longer-lasting product. This led to the process being adopted over the centuries as a way to preserve milk.

It was introduced into Europe by the Turkish. The word yogurt, in fact, comes from the verb yoğurmak”, the Turkish word for ‘mix’. As populations migrated and cultural and commercial exchange increased, yogurt spread throughout the West, finding favour among the Phoenicians, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, and later on into the East as far as India, thanks to its exceptional taste and nutritional properties.


eels panada

Baked oyster mushrooms

Sardinian style aubergines


Lamb meatloaf

Cannonau Risotto