A cream with a delicate and unique flavour, just like the milk it’s made from. This is how Arborea cream is made. It’s available in three different formats to meet the needs of all your recipes, sweet or savoury.

In its range dedicated to cream, Arborea offers you the cream in two formats, half a liter and one liter, cooking cream and whipping cream.

Obtained from centrifuge and pasteurization processes using high quality fresh milk, Arborea cream is delicious and unique, just like the farms and the land where the milk comes from. Heat treatment means that its freshness and quality are guaranteed for several days. It’s ideal used in cooking to improve your dishes or in creating delicious desserts, baked or cold.

Arborea UHT cooking cream is heat treated with the UHT system to guarantee its quality and taste for several days. It’s a delicious food made with the highest-quality fresh milk, and a great ingredient for many recipes. Arborea UHT cooking cream is available in the 200ml format.

Last but not least, the queen of pastry: Arborea whipped cream is delicious, sugar-free, made with fresh Sardinian milk and perfect served together with a hot chocolate. Arborea Whipping Cream is the secret ingredient for desserts such as panna cotta, but also for creams and cake icing, ice cream, biscuits and yoghurt. A product with exceptional taste that is overseen by Arborea at every step of the production chain, it’s available in one liter cartons.


eels panada

Baked oyster mushrooms

Sardinian style aubergines


Lamb meatloaf

Cannonau Risotto