Fresh Cheese


From the freshest and most genuine Sardinian milk comes Arborea’s product line “I Freschi”, with its mixture of freshness, delicacy and unbeatable taste.

The “I Freschi” product line comprises numerous products that are perfect for all your delicious recipes, even if these are lactose-free. Mozzarella, ricotta and butter in various formats form part of the line. What brings them all together is their smooth and rich flavour and a soft and creamy texture.

They are, in short, surprisingly good, just like the milk they’re made from. With Arborea“I Freschi”, your kitchen chooses flavour!

Fresh cheese is usually soft or moist and is produced using a maturation process that is considerably shorter than that used for aged cheese: no longer than 30 days, in fact.

This is why fresh cheeses are rich in water and are consumed in small quantities, for example mixed with large portions of vegetables. Stracchino and mascarpone are good examples, perfect spread on canapés or warm croutons, and a must for summer dishes like salads.

Their rich but delicate flavour makes fresh cheeses a gustatory delight when mixed with other ingredients to create delicious, tempting dishes.

To discover the levels of fats, proteins, carbohydrate and calcium, consult the nutritional table for each product.


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