One essential product that should definitely never be missing from your kitchen is Arborea butter: tasty, delightful and perfect for every occasion.

It’s made using fresh milk in a centrifuge process carried out at a temperature between 32 and 55 degrees. This is the optimal way to process butter since it separates fat and helps sugar and protein dissolve. There are two alternative methods for the production of butter: surfacing, through which a sour cream is obtained, and from whey, which results in a lower quality butter.

You can find Arborea butter in four different formats – 125g, 250g, 500g and in the Hotel Arborea format – handy for all your sweet and savoury recipes. You can use it as a cream to spread on bread for breakfast, or as an ingredient in your recipes.

But that’s not all. Arborea is always thinking about lactose-intolerants, and offer High Digestibility lactose-free butter, ideal for people who suffer from lactose intolerance but who want enjoy the full flavour of Arborea butter. This butter is highly digestible thanks to its very low lactose content, and is therefore suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

For further details about what goes into our butter, check the nutritional information on the label, which lists the energy, fat, fibre, calcium and protein contained per 100g of product.

Butter lets you create canapés for delicious starters or make desserts and cakes. It plays the pivotal role in pastry making, in fact, where it is used as the base for cakes and biscuits, creams and pastries.


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