Main courses


This sections regards one-plate meals. Tasty dishes, perfect for who doesn’t have a lot of time to cook and wants to prepare one complete recipe, or for who doesn’t eat at home but still wants fresh and healthy food.

Nowadays one-plate meal is associated with a busy life and quick meals, it probably has very old origins, of when families of farmers where re-using meat and fish leftover to prepare a hearty meal.

With main courses, you can unleash your imagination trying every day a new recipe and varying also the cooking mode.

If we talk about main courses, in fact, the first ones that come to our mind are summer dishes, usually colourful and rich salads, cold recipes with rice or pasta, chicken salads or spelt with legumes, vegetables and spices.

One-plate meals are ideal for winter season as well, perfect to bring to the office or for a dinner with friends: just think about potatoes gateaux with ham and mozzarella.

The same applies to all other baked mains, full of taste and loved by everyone because of their versatility, perfect cold or warm. Examples are pot pies made with puff pastry and a cheese and vegetables stuffing.

Don’t you want to try them all?