Lactose Free is Arborea High Digestibility line, including all products without lactose.
It is a specific line, thought for everyone who is intolerant to milk main sugar, or have troubles digesting it.
In these products, lactose is split in two simple sugars – glucose and galactose – easier to assimilate and therefore to digest.
Lactose-intolerant people have a lactase deficiency; lactase is the enzyme that splits lactose in its simpler components. Being lactose intolerant means having problems digesting this sugar, but the modern techniques used by Arborea allow to reduce lactose presence under 0,1%.
Lactose-free milk keeps unaltered milk’s important characteristics, as well as its flavour and taste. The same applies to all products made from milk – like cheese and dairy – processed using the same techniques to make high digestibility products.
In Arborea Lactose-Free product line you will find a safe island of high digestibility products, fundamental for your cooking and perfect to create many tasty recipes.
From fresh to long-life UHT milk, from butter to yogurt passing by dairy and cheese – including mozzarella, ricotta and Dolcesardo – ending up to lactose-free mascarpone, with which you can bake many yummy desserts specifically for lactose intolerants.
To know the levels of energy, fiber, protein, calcium and fat of each product, please check the specific nutritional tables.


eels panada

Baked oyster mushrooms

Sardinian style aubergines


Lamb meatloaf

Cannonau Risotto