Arborea range of fresh cheeses also includes mozzarella, the famous stretched-curd cheese that’s used in many traditional recipes.
Made with the best Sardinian cow milk, Arborea Fiore del Latte Mozzarella is a deliciously fresh dairy product that’s perfect for enriching all your dishes with the goodness that only Arborea can offer.
In order to offer nothing but the best, Arborea has considered the needs of everyone, and presents three different types of mozzarella fiore del latte:
Arborea Fiore del Latte Mozzarella in the classic 3x 100g format. This product is perfect consumed as is, together with ham and vegetables or in a caprese salad prepared with mozzarella, tomatoes and a dressing of oil, oregano, basil and salt.
Pera Fresca Mozzarella comes in a 200g format and is made with the best pasteurized whole milk from Sardinia. It’s a true mozzarella, made of milk, salt, rennet and milk enzymes.
Arborea Mozzarella for Pizza is available in the 1kg format and it is ideal baked in the oven for the topping of your pizza.
To find out how much energy, fiber, protein, calcium and fat each product contains, please check the specific nutritional tables.
Mozzarella has very ancient origins, dating back to the Middle Ages. It first appears in a recipe book around 1200CE, when it was used to describe how monks offered bread and ‘mozza’ to pilgrims. The word ‘mozza’ comes from the process of separating single pieces from the main body of cheese (‘mozzatura’, in Italian).


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