A soft and creamy texture and a flavour that’s as rich and delicious as the milk it comes from. This is Arborea mascarpone, made with fresh milk. It’s the traditional mascarpone for delicious desserts, perfect in taste and in texture.
Available in two handy formats – 250g and 500g – Arborea mascarpone is a fresh cheese that is essential in baking the best cakes and desserts for the whole family.
Mascarpone is a soft cheese made from milk and obtained by processing cream together with citric acid. It has a dense and enveloping texture and it is characterized by a neutral and slightly sweet flavour that is quite similar to the one of cream.
During the pasteurization and centrifuge processes no rennet or other animal products are used, making mascarpone suitable for anyone following a vegetarian diet.
The next step after clotting is to separate and filter the whey. After resting for around 24 hours, the mascarpone is ready to be used. Mascarpone should be consumed cool and kept in the fridge for no longer than two days. After opening, in fact, its organoleptic characteristics change quickly, and it soon goes off.
In cooking, mascarpone can be mixed and used together with many different ingredients, depending on the dishes you wish to create. You can add it to cream or chocolate to obtain sweet creams that can solidify in the fridge, or enrich it with liqueurs or other interesting flavours.
Arborea mascarpone can be used to prepare a tasty filling or to make a classic mascarpone cream with whisked eggs and sugar, perfect for tiramisù.


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