Gran Campidano

gran campidano

Pride of regional cheese production, Arborea Gran Campidano is a Sardinian cheese matured for at least 14 months. We are talking about a cheese with a long maturation period, made exclusively with Arborea cow’s milk – Sardinian milk – without any additives and therefore suitable for vegetarians, since it is made with vegetable rennet.
The name comes from the region of its production, Campidano di Oristano. Sardinia is, in fact, the land of cheese, made with cow, goat and sheep milk since centuries. Already during Middle Age, caciocavallo cheese was shipped from Sardinia and sold to the most important European cities.
Regional traceability and milk safety also contribute to Gran Campidano exclusive taste. In fact we are talking about a 100% Sardinian milk, coming only from Sardinian’s farms, all part of the same cooperative. For this cheese, we use vegetable instead of animal rennet, therefore it is perfect for everyone who follows a vegetarian diet.
You can find our Gran Campidano in three different sizes.
Gran Campidano cubes (in the 300 gr package) is ideal with croutons, in a platter of cold cuts or with vegetables and potatoes.
There is also Gran Campidano piece (in the 800 gr package), and grated Gran Campidano in the handy 100 gr package. Grated Gran Campidano is the perfect seasoning for your pizza, pasta and rice, giving that unmistakable flavour of the best Sardinian milk.


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